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Residents ready for scheduled drainage improvement

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The weekend's weather brought a lot of rain to Southwest Louisiana, and for one Lake Charles neighborhood, a drainage problem is allowing the water to stick around a little longer than desired.

"If you look behind me at my ditch, you can see that the water is still standing here, and especially after a rain it's not draining at all," said resident Janice Cormier. "That's the problem we're having now in this area is the drainage." 

After the weekend rain, water holds in Cormier's yard, but not in her neighbor's. The same goes for residents on Summit Street. Water's here, but it's not there.

"Within the last 10 years, the drainage started really getting bad, the water holding in the ditches, and the street flooding is much worse," Cormier said. 

Residents contacted the city to do something about the severe drainage problem.

"We just called the city to come out to look at the area, and they kept assuring us that the streets would be repaved," Cormier said. "We waited and waited and waited." 

Cormier even attended a public meeting in August about the issue.

According to Cormier, this project should've been completed a long time ago, but the city didn't have the funds. As a resident of this street for over 30 years, she's eager to see the drainage problem fixed.

"The drainage in this area when we first moved here, it was pretty good," Cormier said. "Over the years, I guess, as anything gets old, it's gotten progressively worse."

The city plans to install a new underground drainage system on Hunter and Summit Streets between 3rd and 6th and another on 6th street from Hunter to McNabb. 

"I'm excited because it will alleviate my problem here in the ditch for the water to drain," Cormier said. "We won't see that anymore." 

They also plan to lay asphalt and place new water lines on Hunter and Summit. For Cormier, the changes are long overdue. 

"This is my neighborhood," Cormier said. "This is my City of Lake Charles that I live in. When I have visitors that come visit me from other parts of the state or all over the country, which we have lots of people we know all over the country, I want them to be impressed with the drainage in this area and the way the houses look in the area and to come back."

The construction is scheduled to start this week and continue until March, but it's unclear at this time whether the rain caused any delays in the plans.

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