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Child care summit held in Lake Charles

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Child care workers from across the Lake Area were refreshing their disaster and emergency skills. Organization 1st Years held its 4th annual Child Care Summit.

The event discussed, in great detail, what types of plans they need to have in place for any type of emergency that may arise.

"Disaster can strike at any time and they need to be prepared. They need to have a plan in place and know that plan. They need to practice it with their staff," said Paula Granger, 1st Years Program Director.

Jessica Menard works at Miss Ellen's Daycare and knows disaster can strike at any moment.

"We want to make sure that our children are taken care of because these are other people's children and we want to make sure they are well taken care of in case anything happens. Hopefully, nothing will happen, but if it does we will be prepared to take action," Menard said. "Most importantly, make sure you have a plan and don't try to make your plan that day. You need to sit down now and make your plan. Know what you are doing and know where you are going."

Granger walked the child care workers through several exercises to help with communication during a time of crisis.

"Communication is key. They need to be communicating with the children and the parents to help reunite them during the emergency," Granger said.

Forty-five registered participants took part in the one day summit which included workshops by Calcasieu OEP, State Police and other area first responders.

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