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Professional hunter called in to catch wild hogs

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We first met Johnette Ney about a year ago when feral hogs were getting a little too close for comfort.

"The hogs have been really bothering me for two years. Last year, we caught several and now this was the first on this year," explained Ney.

Coming up from the swamps behind her Moss Bluff home, the wild animals are tearing up her yard. Like she did then, she's once again called in hog hunter Doc Hanks.

"People like Miss Ney call me up when they've got a problem. She's scared to come out of her house," Hanks said.

Her fears are justified.

According to Hanks, the animals are not only territorial but vicious.

"If you run up on a sow that has piglets that is like running up on a bear in the woods with cubs. It is going to attack you. And as you see behind me they are not friendly at all," Hanks said. "They have tusks on the sides and they will hit you with their head and it will just cut you wide open just like a razor blade."

Hanks has been hunting wild hogs for more than a decade and said they are smart and can usually smell danger.

"They are not easy to catch. You got to outsmart them. You can't come out here smoking a cigarette, use the restroom or anything ... Don't spit on the ground. They will know you are here," Hanks said.

While he was able to cage this hog, there is reason to believe there are more in hiding.

"We're still looking for some more to be caught and I hope we can get them," Ney said.

Meanwhile, this piggy may not be going to market but he's certainly not escaped becoming a good meal.

"Oh yeah. We are gonna eat it. All I can say is yay - bacon in the makin sha! Thank you," said Hanks.

Hank warns anyone who encounters a wild hog to maintain their distance and call a professional to take care of the problem.

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