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OLQH students standing up against bullies


Students at Our Lady Queen of Heaven Catholic School are standing up to bullies. Within the last year the school has taken its anti-bullying message and gained national recognition through a music video.

Part of the school's grand prize was a visit by actor Ryan Jackson of Broadway's National Tour of "Wicked"-  'A Wizard of Oz' themed musical with a "don't judge a book by it's cover" message.

The students went all out decorating their doors and dressing the part from witches, lions, scarecrows and lots of Dorothy costumes - they had it all.

"Wicked" partners with the advocacy group Bully Bust to raise awareness across the country.

"It's an epidemic, especially with multi-media and cyber bullying. I think there is an awareness that needs to be put out there about sometimes you don't even know that you are being a bully. And that is why Bully Bust is such a great opportunity for kids to not just stand up to bullying but realize that they are being the antagonist," said Jackson.

OLQH Students credit their school counselor, Sue Ellen Stokeld, with starting the anti-bullying movement at their school.

"It all started whenever our counselor, Mrs. Stokeld, decided that bullying was just too big in our school and we wanted to stop it. As students anything that we see bad or that causes harm to someone we try to cheer them up and stop the bullying and contact an adult," said Charlie Ehlers, OLQH 8th grader.

"One of the things we are doing is bully boxes, where we decorate the boxes and put one in each class and you put any problems that you may have in the box and our counselor, Mrs. Stokeld, reads them and helps us solve the problems," said Madeline Stine, OLQH 8th grader.

The school was also awarded $10,000 and a $500 grant to keep up their anti-bullying program at the school.

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