Burgers vs. Big Rigs - which one pollutes more?

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Agnes DeRouen in the KPLC 7 Newsroom with a look at what we're working on for 7News@Noon.

Louisiana is on another top ten list. This time a study takes a look at census data from all 50 states and has identified the ten states that have the lowest median income. Where does the Pelican State fit in on that ranking? You can find out at noon.

We've been reporting on how budget cuts will affect W.O. Moss Regional Hospital and now we're hearing that some news could come soon. The new chief of the LSU health care system says he's hoping to detail plans for new and reworked cuts across the public hospitals to the  governing board next week. You can read more about this HERE.

Also today, does the burger you're getting for lunch cause more pollution than the big-rig you passed on the freeway? Well, you won't believe the results of a new study – in fact, you may think the numbers are a bit hard to swallow.

Plus, it's the last thing any student would expect in a math class, but for one little girl who doesn't necessarily like the subject, math class hosted one big surprise. We'll explain.

In weather, a lot of us experienced some patchy thick fog early this morning. Ben says once that all burned off temperatures began warming up and should top out in the low 90's later this afternoon. How long will the dry weather last, well Ben's working on his live, local forecast now so be sure to tune in at noon.

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