September 20, 2012 - "Bo" House

If you talk to people in Southwest Louisiana about the Habibi Shriners, the name "Bo" House is bound to come up in the conversation. House served in the U.S. Navy during the latter part of World War 2 on board the U.S.S. Nashville.  His ship had just finished bombarding Borneo... and his fellow soldiers were afraid of a long drawn-out war in the Pacific.

"Not until we heard about the atomic bomb," said House.  "When we heard about that, then we all felt good about that.  That was a good feeling, I guarantee you.  These Japanese were pretty bad about their planes diving into the ship...suicide planes. "

House returned from the war and later became a Shriner.  He's been an active member for 56 years and loves how the Shriners help with medical needs of children through their 22 hospitals. 

"It just brings tears to my eyes.  We can do a fantastic job on that and it's free to the parents.  We'll even help them get to the hospital and take care of their needs.  We take care of the hotel bill and feed them.  It doesn't cost them one thing."

House says being a Shriner brings a lot of satisfaction.

"When they come back from the hospital after surgery and stuff like that, you really feel good because you can see the mothers and father's smiles on their faces with what we've done for these children."

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