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Five bridges closed in Jeff Davis after failing inspections


Bridges over troubled waters in Jeff Davis Parish as not one, not two, but five bridges have been closed by the state for not meeting roadway guidelines and a half dozen more are at risk for closing in the future. 

"Mostly the pilings are bad and rotted out," said Administrator of Roads for the parish, Sherwin LeFranc.    

The bridges span the entire parish, affecting DeWolf, Bebee, Bryan, Ardoin and Ardoin Cove Roads and this year's round of inspections is far from over. 

"As of now we have five that are closed and we have 55 more bridges to go so we may have some more that are closed," said LeFranc. "We have six that have critical letters on them so we should do something with those also."  

For the most part, the closed bridges are in isolated areas but that doesn't stop LeBlanc and his team from notifying other agencies throughout the parish to maintain public safety. 

"Whenever we close a road, I have got to notify the school board, the school busses, the ambulance people the sheriffs office, fire departments," LeFranc explained. "We have to notify all of those people because that could be a big deal if something happened back there that the ambulance couldn't get to."

With the bridges being closed for an indefinite amount of time until they can be repaired, LeFranc said money is the driving factor in how fast those repairs happen. 

"We're going to try to do it as fast as we can but like I said it's all about the money ... the funds.  If we could repair some ourselves, we would do it," he said. 

LeFranc reminds residents that he and the police jury are doing everything they can to ensure roads don't stay closed for too long. 

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