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Election countdown: Are you ready to vote?

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For the last 55 years, Lake Charles resident  Lester Doss has voted in every election.

"Way more than I can care to remember," he laughed.  "A bunch ... I've never missed one ever since I became 21 I've been voting."

With the changing scope of America, including voter laws, 7News took to the street to see what people know about what's needed to register to vote. 

Surprisingly, many people did not know what was needed, but Angie Quienalty is the Registrar of Voters for Calcasieu Parish and unlike our people on the street, knew exactly what is needed. 

"You need to be 18 years of age, residing in Calcasieu Parish and not be under a current order of conviction of a felon," said Quienalty. "And not be declared mentally incompetent."

A major dispute around the country is that some states are requiring voters to present a photo ID in order to register which some say will disenfranchise a certain voter demographic.

While Louisiana state does require a photo ID, Quienalty said there's alternate options to ensure everyone has a fair shot to vote. 

"If you don't have an ID, we have an alternative plan, it's called a voter identification affidavit," Quienalty said. "Those are at each precinct as well as early voting so it takes about 20 seconds to fill it out."

With voter registration being so simple, Quienalty said no citizen should allow anything to prevent them from filling out the registration form to make sure they can visit the voters' booth on election day. 

"This is a really important election. You'll be electing the leaders of our nation for the next four years for presidential and two years for the congressional race," she said.

Quienalty reminds that no matter what party you represent, the future is in the hands of each and every voter. 

"If you don't vote, you're letting other people make decisions on candidates or tax propositions that affect you every day," she said.  

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