Saints Prepare For Carolina

The New Orleans Saints are not overly concerned about their season opening loss to Washington, but they are quite concerned about this weekend's game against Carolina.

And well they should be. Since 1990, only twelve percent of the NFL team who started 0-and-2 ended up making the playoffs.

It may seem strange to label a week 2 game as a must-win, but the Saints are treating the Panthers game as just that.

Malcolm Jenkins, Saints safety, responded: "Over and over Robert Griffin III (Redskins quarterback), definitely prepares us somewhat to what we're going to see this weekend.  With Cam (Newton), he's a phenomenal athlete, we saw him twice last year and we know what he can do.  I think they're a little bit different athletically, cause Cam's a bit bigger and a little harder to get down,  But (Griffin) is definitely a fast player."

Aaron Kromer, Saints interim head coach, knows exactly what this game means to the Saints:
"Significance is a divisional game. And so, we need to win this game this week. It's important to our program, it's important to our psyche. But is it a win or lose the season game? No. There isn't. There's 16 games."

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