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Vinton budget allows raise for city employees

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While other cities in Calcasieu Parish may be fighting deficits, the town of Vinton continues to hold steady. Vinton not only has a balanced budget for the 2012-2013 fiscal year, but a little something extra for the city's employees.

"These are tough times and it's tax payer dollars and we want to save as much as we can and spend diligently," Vinton Mayor Kenneth Stinson said.

Stinson said Vinton's budget is balanced, compared to Lake Charles projecting to end the fiscal year with $1.3-million deficit and in Sulphur which projects to have a $250,000 shortfall. But in Vinton, everything is where it should be.

"We're watching expenses. My department heads do a really good job to spend money. It's just where it needs to be spent. So that helps a lot to help the budget to be balanced," Stinson said.

Working so well that the city was even able to give its employees a $1/hour raise.

"Our employees are an asset to our community. They're the backbone and I just want to make sure they get a raise," he said.

With a balanced budget of $6.5-million in revenues and $6.3-million in expenditures, the town of Vinton is financially stable. 

"That's what this boils down to. Make sure you treat this just like it was your own. It's taxpayers' dollars and you have to make sure that you're doing that on their behalf because you don't want any distrust from them that you're spending the money that you shouldn't spend," Stinson said. 

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