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New stores opening at Prien Lake Mall

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Lake Area shoppers will soon have more options as the Prien Lake Mall will open three more stores before the end of next month. This is in addition to the Coach store that launched at the end of June.

The new stores include: Express (Women's and Men's), Body Central, Apricot Lane (women's boutique). There is also an airbrush shop opening up called Studio 57.

Opening dates:

Express: Mid October

Body Central: Sept. 20

Apricot Lane: Within the next 30 to 45 days Studio 57: Oct. 1

Most of these stores are geared toward women.

"It's great because we love to shop. We are girls. That's what we do," said Lauren Lister and friends Mallory Petry and Elizabeth Stretcher.

The stores will not only offer more options but job opportunities as each location is now hiring. It will also help the sales tax revenue base and keep more shoppers local.

"My husband likes to shop at Express so we will now be able to shop here rather than go to Beaumont. So that will be great," said Hilda Wright.

Another free standing store is under construction outside the mall in front of Kirklands, however there is still no word on what retailer will call the space home. Meanwhile back inside local artist Johnny Cryer is set to open his airbrush shop Studio 57. After 20 years of working the festival and car show circuit he hopes setting up shop in the mall will help grow his business.

"The word of mouth is going to come out and everybody is going to say wow let's see what this guy can do. We will have T-shirts, hats, and license plates to airbrush. You say it - I can spray it," said Cryer.

This all comes as the Christmas shopping season is about to get underway. With that in mind young shoppers already have a wish list of other stores they would like to see come to the Prien Lake Mall.

"I definitely would like to see a Forever 21. That's my favorite store," said Shelby Castille.

"We definitely could use a Forever 21. They have one in Lafayette. That would be perfect," said Elizabeth Stretcher. 

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