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Broadway producer mentors students at local high school


After winning the Smash "Make a Musical" competition in the spring, LaGrange High School finally received their reward.

Wednesday brought a little singing, a lot of dancing, and a lot more fun to the auditorium at LaGrange High School. Students experienced the teaching of Broadway producer Steven Kennedy. 

"The part that I enjoyed the most is whenever he taught us about choreographing, like how to dance, because I really don't know how to dance. So whenever he was teaching us, it was really easy," said student Tremaine Collins. 

The session is to help prepare the students for their own musical production. 

"Putting on a musical is such a life changing experience," said choreographer Steven Kennedy. "You don't have to be a great big Broadway star to take these experiences and become a better person."

Lydia Doucet played the fairy godmother in a practice run of Cinderella. While she dreams of being a lawyer, music is her passion.

"Louisiana, we not the biggest state, but people know us because of certain cities, but no one really knows Lake Charles," said Doucet. "For LaGrange to have had even been an option to be in the nominations or group for the smash musical, it's a true blessing for us to be able to have someone from up north, come down south to teach us. 

Kennedy will be back in town prior to LaGrange's production to do a final run through with the students.

"What I want these kids to take away from me coming here is the knowledge that anything is possible," said Kennedy. "To work in a team is always a privilege. Whether it's a football team or a choir or a musical theater program, it's still teamwork." 

Choir and drama teachers also attended Wednesday's session, giving them an opportunity to see their students in a different environment. 

"It was an incredible experience," said Speech and Drama Teacher Shelly Buller. "It's really hard to put into words. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I'm so excited he's coming back, because I saw an excitement in the kids that you just can't compete with that excitement. They were very happy to be involved, excited about it. I really for see them doing well with this."

A date for their musical, Seussical, is not set yet, but Buller says it will most likely happen at the end of February, around Dr. Seuss's birthday.

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