Supt. authorized to negotiate transportation with charter foundation

CPSB to start negotiating transportation

After the Calcasieu Parish School Board refused to provide transportation to the charter schools, the Lake Charles Charter Foundation sued.

At the CPSB meeting Tuesday, Sept. 11, the board decided to try to work something out.

"Our responsibilities, what we're going to do, what they're going to do, so that's why it's called a negotiation," Superintendent Wayne Savoy said.

Board members authorized Savoy to start the negotiation process as it relates to transportation for the charter school.

"I can't respond to anything until I get into the negotiations on what our role can be," Savoy said. "I know what the law says, we have an opportunity to charge for services, so that all centers around negotiations."

The law states the public school system must provide transportation services to public schools, but since breaking that law, the board must work with attorneys to come to a settlement. But Savoy said it's only the first step of the process.

"So I'm waiting for advice from our attorneys and normally what happens, attorneys talk to attorneys and then we go from there," he said.

As of right now there is no timeframe for when this issue will be resolved.

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