Allen sheriff clarifies why woman not booked into jail

Allen sheriff clarifies why woman not booked into jail

At last word, the mom facing charges of battery on a school teacher and simple battery of a juvenile in Oberlin had not yet been booked on the more serious charges officials say she faces.

But Allen Sheriff Doug Hebert wishes to clarify for citizens why she wasn't initially booked into the parish jail, which was full Friday.

Lola Fontenot was initially issued a misdemeanor citation by Oberlin police for disturbing the peace by fighting and trespassing.

She allegedly went on Oberlin High School campus and became involved in a fight with a student and several teachers.

Hebert says he could not release a felon in jail to make room for someone arrested for a misdemeanor.

Hebert says if Fontenot had been arrested on more serious felony charges Friday when the incident occurred, they would somehow have made arrangements to book her into a jail.

"The charges that she was charged with were misdemeanors.  And I could not turn a felon loose to put a misdemeanor charge in.  Because the same situation occurs is who needs to be in there worse," said Hebert.

"When parents start taking things into their own hands, especially violence toward a juvenile, this will be the one and only incident when they don't go to jail.  That I can tell you.  We'll find room if we have to tie them to a hitching post out there.  But whenever an adult takes action against a juvenile it's never going to be a good outcome," said Hebert.

On Monday, Oberlin Police Chief Grady Haynes said Fontenot would be charged with felony charges of battery on a school teacher (three counts) and simple battery of a juvenile. Haynes said that after a meeting at the Allen Parish District Attorney's Office.

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