First load of SWLA Isaac donations head east

Isaac Donations
The first donations from Southwest Louisiana for victims of Hurricane Isaac made their way to Southeast Louisiana bright and early Tuesday morning.

SULPHUR, LA (KPLC) - They woke up before the sun, all to help out our neighbors to the east.

"This is just a feeling that unless you do it, you don't really get the feeling," said Jimmy Peel with Maplewood First Baptist Church. "It's just a feeling of being blessed."

Peel is the man behind the wheel of the Maplewood First Baptist Church van that left for Lafitte, Louisiana early Tuesday morning. And right behind the van, the Rhino Racing trailer full of not bicycles, but ice chests, full of food and water.

"It's just a small part of what needs to be done," said Henry Misse with Misse's Grocery.

The food products includes ingredients for red beans and rice and sausage, and of course hot dogs.

"We felt like we wanted to work with friendships through our pastor, after we talked to them," said Peel. "They had a need for food, and they're faith based and on donation only."

The load is for a Friend-ship location in Lafitte that is serving meals to workers and volunteers.

"I think this will help the people over there," said Misse. "I know they'll appreciate it."

Just before volunteers shut the trailer doors, Mr. Misse decided to donate a pallet of Dasani water to the cause. As a native of Southwest Louisiana, he knows all too well what it's like to be in need.

"I know what it is going through the hazard of the hurricane," said Misse. "We've been through four of them ourselves. We lost several pieces of property during the bad storms. The people, the loss that they lose is more than anything we endured.

He said he's just doing a small part to help those in need. Mayor Chris Duncan says the rest of the donations will be sent to Southeast Louisiana a little later, and he thinks they'll need at least five vehicles to make the transport.

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