AmeriCorps, Habitat for Humanity build in Sulphur despite no funding

Habitat for Humanity

SULPHUR, LA (KPLC) - Habitat for Humanity is at it again, this time building a home in Sulphur for the first time in four years.

But right now, the project is not funded.

It's under construction, but who's paying for it?

"We're hoping to be able to complete it, but before we can complete it, we have to get funding for it," said Habitat for Humanity Finance Director Kim Lawson.

This Habitat for Humanity home on Hazel Street is the first Habitat home in Sulphur in four because of a lack of funding.

"If we don't have funding, we can't do houses, we can't build houses," said Lawson. "This particular house has no funding whatsoever yet."

Habitat took money out of their own funds to start the house for an AmeriCorps team.

"Their AmeriCorps group really has to have a project to work on," said Lawson. "They have built this house from the ground up."

Despite the lack of funding for this home, AmeriCorps volunteers are encouraged and will continue to work until they leave at the end of the month. At that point they hope someone else from the community steps up to finish the project.

"I'm excited that we got to come out here at all, because they didn't have any funding for it," said team member Kimmy Mauldin. "Hopefully people will see the progress that we've made in just a short time, and be willing to throw in some money and sweat into the project as well, and pick up where we leave off."

Mauldin said her and the team hope this project, and others, will help to restore faith in humanity, especially in the younger generations.

"We work hard out here, trying to show that our communities matter," said Mauldin. "If we want change to happen in the nation, it has to come from each community. We are willing to set aside 10 months of our lives to do that."

Habitat for Humanity officials said they need $79,000 to complete the home in Sulphur.

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