Local church remembers 9/11 by delivering care packages to firefighters

Lake Charles church honors local firefighters for 9/11 anniversary

CALCASIEU PARISH, LA (KPLC) - Lake Charles firefighter Michael Champion remembers exactly where he was 11 years ago when the twin towers in New York City fell.

"Actually I was three days from joining the Fire Department" said Champion.  "We actually shut the job down the rest of the day and three days later I was supposed to join the department".

For the new kid on the block, witnessing the events of that day put a lot in perspective.

"It was very moving" Champion explained.  "It was a very bad tragedy to begin with and we hope we never have to go through that again".

As this week brings the anniversary of that tragedy, those at The River church in Lake Charles are commemorating the day in a special way.

"Today we are honoring our Fire Department by bringing all the fire stations baked goods" said church member, Marlisa Quinney.

A simple act of kindness that's become a tradition for church that opened, as fate would have it, on last year's anniversary of 9/11.

"We wanted to give" said The River co-pastor, Elizabeth Burns.  "We wanted to do something for our community not just start the church and it wasn't just all about us".

On Sunday, members of the church visited 15 fire companies throughout Moss Bluff, Sulphur and Lake Charles, delivering snacks and personalized thank you cards.

Although the events of 9/11 happened in NYC, Washington DC and Pennsylvania, volunteers with The River say that remembering it's impact and honoring those here locally is equally as important.

"Obviously we don't have Twin Towers that didn't fall but we have men and women here that are laying their lives down just as those did" said The River co-pastor, Kevin Burns.

Those men served today by The River's random act of kindness were very grateful.

"It makes us feel really good because sometimes we feel like we're forgotten about at the station" said firefighter Ryan Starr.  "It's really nice that they remember 9/11 and all of the fallen firemen" Starr added.

In addition to their 9/11 deeds, The River also sends a care package to a man or woman serving in the military overseas once a month.

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