Hidden treasures at Noon

Good morning everyone!

Agnes DeRouen in the KPLC 7 Newsroom with a look at what we're working on for 7News@Noon.

We'll take a look at the latest jobs numbers for the nation, and we'll also get a glimpse of our own economic situation here in Louisiana. We're talking to the state's Economic Development Secretary about upcoming projects and efforts that will have an impact on our own area. You can get a jump on the nation's numbers HERE.

Also today, it's good to give to charity, but before you donate that purse or jacket – make sure you check inside. It is possible you could be giving away hidden treasures. It happened to one woman and we'll have her story.

Plus, an inspiring story of a college student who is pushing the boundaries of what's considered normal. He doesn't have the use of his arms, so he uses his feet. He's out to prove that you can push pass any conceived limitations.

One man didn't limit his desires when it came to his final wishes. You have got to see how he wanted to be buried. Check it out HERE.

As far as our weather is concerned, Ben says we'll have another hot day today with heat index values in the low 100's. However, there will be a cold front – yes, a cold front – moving into the area tomorrow. How will it affect our rain chances, and just how cool can we expect it to be?   Look for all the answers in Ben's full, live, local forecast at noon.

Remember you can always watch us online at kplctv.com and on air. We hope you join us, and have yourself a wonderful weekend!