Drug busts keeping DeQuincy Police Department busy

DeQuincy Meth Labs

DEQUINCY, LA (KPLC) - Meth labs seem to be keeping the DeQuincy Police Department very busy in recent months, but the town sees it as positive news.

"Seven labs in 80 days," said Mayor Lawrence Henagan. "That's pretty good."
That's the amount of meth labs the Department has shut down recently, a number that at first seems alarming but gives the mayor a sense of pride.
"I'm really proud of the work that they're doing," said Henagan. "The guys are very proactive."
Five people were arrested just Sunday in this home, and police shut down several other labs in homes not far away.
"I have a zero tolerance for the drugs," said Henagan. "Get them off the street. If you're going to deal with drugs, go somewhere else. Not here."
Many times meth labs are attributed to trailer parks and mobile homes. But a recent bust in DeQuincy, in this brick house proves that the style of home doesn't matter.
Many of the police department's recent busts came after anonymous tips of suspicious activity, high traffic at a home, or several people walking in and out of the woods. Mayor Henagan encourages more people to come forward.
"Help us help you," said Henagan. "It could be nothing to it, or it could be really a good tip that could help us."
The mayor and the police department want the people of DeQuincy to feel secure and be encouraged by the number of arrests recently, because DeQuincy police are getting drugs off the streets.
"DeQuincy is made up of a lot of retired people," said Henagan. "It should give them the sense that when they go to bed at night, they can sleep good. Because there's somebody out there on the streets. You might not see them, but they're going to be out there riding the streets, and watching and patrolling the neighborhoods, and making this a place that we want to call home."
The DeQuincy Police Department worked with several other law enforcement agencies in southwest Louisiana to train their officers. In fact they attribute their recent meth lab busts to a meth class taught to their department by Sulphur Narcotics Officers.

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