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Coastal restoration conversation held at Civic Center


The Louisiana coast is disappearing and there are ways to help slow down the process. But how do residents of coastal communities learn about their environment?

The Calcasieu Parish Police Jury hosted a public conversation for coastal restoration at the Lake Charles Civic Center on Tuesday. 

The conversation was a chance to get information on the disappearing gulf coast and to let the public know what's really going on, according to parish officials.

"Because we all need to be aware that we live in coastal communities and that's very important because even though we live in Lake Charles which is 60 miles away from the Gulf of Mexico, it pretty much is at our back door," CPPJ Coastal Zone Manager Laurie Cormier said. 

Cormier said by bringing the community together to discuss the issues, everyone can learn and understand the plans the state is making to help save the coast.

"What the science is telling us that we need to do is an emergency. It's a crisis. It needs to be done A-S-A-P," Cormier said. "So, the governor and the state of Louisiana has taken a very forward acting movement which is basically the state master plan for 2012, which is going to input a lot of coastal restoration projects. Hopefully, we're going to get them through as soon as possible because we are in a crisis situation. It is an emergency and we need to do something about it."

The coast cannot be restored completely, but officials say some of the damage can be prevented.

Representatives from various government agencies who are working to help restore the coast attended the conversation.

"But it's worth a conversation to say, 'Ok, we have this problem, we know it's coming, what are we going to do about it?' And I think just a community conversation aspect on how we're going to do this is really good about hope for the future," Cormier said.

Educating everyone, becoming aware of the problem and taking a step forward to fixing it, Cormier said.

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