New casino roadway options hold major changes to 210 area

New Casino Roadway

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Major changes could soon be coming to the Interstate 210 Loop and the 210 beach due to the new Ameristar Casino development.

Construction on the new Ameristar Casino is well underway in Lake Charles, but what about the roadway to access it?

Landowners in the area told KPLC-TV that they've received several maps regarding different development possibilities.

They built the turnaround at the Nelson Road exit when L'Auberge moved to town, and now with Ameristar on its way, so is another roadway development.

But what exactly will it be? Landowners received six different maps with roadway possibilities.

Several of the maps include a turnaround behind Target, one shows a new bridge over Nelson Road, and at least one shows the Prien Lake or Cove Lane exit off of 210 being permanently closed.

One option is to create a turnaround off of the Prien Lake or Cove Lane exit and continue through the 210 beach area.

That could put LaFleur Park in danger of closing, and since Calcasieu Parish leases the area from the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, it is a possibility. The only requirement: DOTD must give the parish a 30-day notice before shutting the park down.

We were able to reach DOTD officials Tuesday afternoon. However, officials said the company that mailed out the maps is contracted out by Ameristar, not them, and that the company is conducting an environmental study.

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