Marriage proposal high in the sky

Marriage proposal high in the sky

JENNINGS, LA (KPLC) - A local guy put a lot of thought into his surprise marriage proposal. Jordan Wells popped the question to his girlfriend, Lindsey Zwahr, of 2 1/2  years from an airplane with "Will you marry me?" written in a field.

"She's a very special girl and I wanted to do something special for her. I thought about it for a long time and then decided since we took a plane ride for our first date I would propose in the plane," explained Jordan.

On Friday Jordan along with his family and friends mapped out a good spot just north of Jennings to write "Will you marry me?"

"It took some planning but I had a lot of help in getting the message just right on the ground. We made the letters out of plastic sheets and kept it down with bricks. It was a lot of work... I was just hoping we spelled it right," said Jordan.

Once complete the 10 foot letters made up a message sprawling more than 180 feet.

Lindsey recalls getting into the plane and not suspecting a thing.

"He was so calm and it just seemed like any other day going up for a flyover," said Lindsey.

Once up in the air it didn't take long before the message caught Lindsey's eye. She realized it was a marriage proposal but wasn't sure it was for her.

"I saw something white on the ground. It looked like something was spelled out there. As we got closer I read it out and it said "Will you marry me." My first thought was is that for me. I was confused," said Lindsey.

Sticking with tradition, Jordan who was in the seat behind her was now on one knee confirming his love.

"I was just holding the ring when she turned around," said Jordan.

"I was like don't cry, but I kind of teared up. I saw the ring and it was so pretty! I said yes twice," said Lindsey.

Back on the ground and still on cloud nine - the proposal was not the last of the day's surprises.

"When we got off the plane and were on our way home he told me to put on a blindfold. So I'm thinking another surprise," said Lindsey. "When we got into the house my entire family was there. At that point I started to cry because I was overwhelmed. I was really surprised."

The couple has not set a wedding date but say it will like be some time next summer.

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