Friend Ships providing relief to Isaac victims

Friend Ships providing relief for Isaac victims

Friend Ships Disaster Relief teams go all over the world to bring help to people trying to recover from disasters. And now they are working at Jean LaFitte in the New Orleans area where there is much to do.

The Friend Ships team headed for the Jean Lafitte area near New Orleans carrying various supplies and ready to begin serving meals. After Hurricanes Rita and Ike people from Southwest Louisiana are well familiar with the comfort of getting a good meal in a safe, comfortable setting.

Friend Ships' Sondra Tipton says they are glad to be able to be there for flood victims. "We actually set up the Friend Ships Garden café. We like to set up a very nice area where people can go and get away from the pressure of the disaster for a while. And we cook hot meals and serve them to them there. In Lake Charles, we understand what it's like to be in that situation, without power, hot days, no water you can drink. Your whole house is flooded. It's hard for people to imagine who haven't been through it but we have," said Tipton.

Friend Ships thirty member team includes 25 Sea Hawks trained at Port Mercy in Lake Charles. And Tipton says they are working with the National Guard doing what is needed. "We have sent in about thirty people at this point and we've got teams. As soon as the roads were passable we were in, were providing food, were distributing commodities and your young people, our Sea Hawks, are going from house to house helping people restore their homes," said Tipton.

Friend Ships is a little harder than normal to get to because of road construction, but if you take 171 to Moeling and head west on moeling it'll dead end right at the site. The address is 1019 North First Avenue in Lake Charles.  The office is a yellow wood frame building where you can donate items or bring them a check. "That helps us with propane and diesel fuel and gasoline for the vehicles. But we also need paper products and hot dogs and hot dog buns and things like that," said Tipton.

Tipton says as they replenish supplies through donations,  the trucks will come back to Lake Charles to pick up donations to bring relief to flood victims in Eastern Louisiana.

Friend Ships can use items such as chain saws, generators and fuel. As well as food,  perishable and non-perishable, since they cook meals for the people.

For more information on their efforts and needs click here.

Here is a list of supplies needed:

Generators (diesel, gasoline)

Fuel (diesel, gasoline, propane) (Funds can be donated at

Plastic cutlery

Styrofoam cups

Toilet paper


Paper towels

Personal care items

Extension cords-commercial 15 amp (any length)

Garden hoses-RV or Food grade-50' or 100' (2000' total required)

Work gloves

Safety glasses

Hot dogs


Hot dog buns

Condiments (mustard, ketchup, relish)

Cooking oil



Dried Milk


Gatorade or similar drinks




#10 cans (vegetables, tomato products, chili)

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