McNeese student youngest La. delegate attending DNC

Youngest La. delegate going to DNC

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - McNeese University Student Body President is the youngest Louisiana delegate who will attend the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.

"It feels great," Davante Lewis, SGA President said. "It's always something somewhat of an honor you know, you're the youngest delegate, everyone is looking toward you, everyone is surprised you're engaged and involved."

Lewis said ever since he was a child he's always enjoyed politics and he wishes more people his age were more involved.

"The education you can bring back to share with young people and hopefully get a young republican involved or a young democrat involved is my number one goal," he said.

The DNC is an exciting political adventure for Lewis, especially since this year will be his first presidential election eligible to vote in. And he's ready to hear the issues at the DNC.

"I'm really looking forward to hearing the party platform and where the Democratic Party is looking to take the country the next four years at the federal, state and local level," he said.

Looking forward to the convention, but also looking forward to a potential career in politics.

"I already ran for school board. There's my campaign sign," Lewis said.

And getting more young people involved in politics is what Davante aims to do.

"That's really what's encouraging to me, is reaching out to younger Americans, no matter what political party they're from. Because I think that's most important for our generation is to vote and to be involves," Lewis said.

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