Town of Kinder under mandatory curfew overnight

Town of Kinder under mandatory curfew overnight

KINDER, LA (KPLC) - A mandatory curfew has been issued for the Town of Kinder from 10 p.m. Wednesday night until 7 a.m. Thursday as possible severe weather is expected to move through overnight.

"We decided to put the curfew in place because we have a lot of people from out of town who evacuated from other areas staying in Kinder and we don't want pedestrians walking around with the bad weather. It's for their safety. This doesn't include people who are going to and from work this just applies to pedestrians," said Kinder Mayor Estes LeDoux.

Mayor LeDoux said Kinder Police will being doing extra patrols overnight enforcing the curfew.

"We've had some reports of trees and limbs down and it could get worse. This is not a time for people to get out and sight see," said LeDoux.

Kinder's hotels and motels are booked with evacuees. Tray Shargois and his family evacuated from New Iberia.

"The police knocked on my door and say it was best to evacuate. So we came out here. I didn't really want to leave," said Shargois.

Leaving was the only option for Cheramie Harriet and her family who evacuated from Cut Off, Louisiana.

"We didn't know where the storm was going to go and if we took a direct hit we knew that we would be in trouble," said Harriet.

Leaving behind her home it's not the first time Harriet has ran from trouble.

"We are fortunate we can afford to leave and save ourselves. A lot of people can't afford to leave," said Harriet. "We have heard that our roof shingles in our neighborhood have come off. And my daughter got some water inside her home from a window that soaked her carpets. So we are looking to make some returns when we return home. But if that's all we have to deal with we are very thankful."

As the winds pick up and what's left of Isaac still in question they all wait patiently for the all clear.

"As soon as they give it we are gone," said Harriet.

"We plan to stay put. We won't be able to return home until at least Friday. Because I have heard there is some street flooding in New Iberia. So I just don't know," said Shargois.

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