Law enforcement agencies increase patrol as Isaac approaches

SWLA Law Enforcement

CALCASIEU PARISH, LA (KPLC) - Law enforcement agencies in southwest Louisiana are gearing up for the worst as Isaac approaches parts of the area.

From school fronts to southwest Louisiana hotels, that's what the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office is doing with 30 of their deputies in preparation for Tropical Storm Isaac. The deputies are stationed at area hotels and at hardware stores.

"We're just trying to make sure things are okay at those locations," said Sheriff Mancuso. "I think all of our hotels are booked and full. Now it's just kind of a wait and see games, and just see what happens at the end."

Sheriff Mancuso says the deputies will stay there until further notice.

"We're taking those precautionary steps," said Sheriff Mancuso. "We'll continue to monitor it. We still have the availability of all of our equipment in the event we get heavy rain. If the power goes out, we will deploy at that point to what we see fit. We have deputies ready for that."

Deputy Chief Mark Kraus with the Lake Charles Police Department says they also have their high water vehciles on stand-by.

Louisiana State Police Troop D is also gearing up as Isaac gets closer to the area.

"In the Troop D area, we've placed increased emphasis on our patrolling the evacuation routes, interstate highways, us highways, those highways," said Sargeant James Anderson. "They may be used by residents from other parts of the state to flee devastation from their area. We are helping to ensure that those routes stay open and traffic is flowing well."

Also on the monitoring list: area bridges.

"Closing the bridges due to high winds is an engineering decision made by the Department of Transportation and Development," said Sgt. Anderson. "However if a motorists has to ask themselves if it's safe to travel across that bridge, they just answered their own questions. It's not a good idea."

Sheriff Mancuso says no curfew is in effect for Calcasieu Parish, but there is a curfew in place in Kinder. It starts at 10 o'clock tonight and ends at 7 o'clock in the morning.

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