Cowboys Get Some Early Practice

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - At 7 p.m. Tuesday, the McNeese State football team took flight to Murfreesboro, Tennessee in preparation for Thursday night's season opener against Middle Tennessee State.  With Hurricane Isaac bearing down on the gulf coast, travel plans got bumped up a day early.  Head coach Matt Viator isn't concerned with the shift in travel plans saying, "It's been a pretty interesting 24 hours to say the least, but we have everything in line and we're looking forward to going."

The Pokes, ready to erase their 6-5 record from last season, as quickly as the Blue Raiders look to forget about their two win season.  Nevertheless, the change in schedule doesn't phase the Pokes one bit, they're just ready to kick off the season with a win.

Cody Stroud, junior quarterback, isn't worried and feels the earlier practice "...doesn't mess anything up. The schedule is still the same, we could have left Sunday for all I care, practice up in Tennessee!"

Malcolm Bronson, senior safety, feels the extra time allows the team " kind of get in the game mode a little earlier and it will be nice to go down there and start getting focused. "

Darius Carey, senior wide receiver, also isn't worried:  "Right now we're just going with the flow of everything. We heard about the storm, it's nothing too too serious, we're just trying to get focused on Middle Tennessee."

With all his team's support, Viator is very optimistic:  "Anytime you play an FBS school on the road, it's going to be a challenge. We played a few the last couple of years, but our kids are excited about it. We've had a good week of preparation, we've had a  good camp and our kids are really excited about going."

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