Jeff Davis Parish prepares for Hurricane Isaac

Jeff Davis Parish prepares for hurricane

JEFF DAVIS PARISH, LA (KPLC) - As Hurricane Isaac moves inland, Southwest Louisiana may experience some of the wind and rain.

Citizens and parish officials of Jeff Davis Parish met for a phone conference with the national weather service to discuss what to expect once Isaac makes landfall.

"The national weather service gave us some wind gusts up to 40, 50 possibly 60 miles per hour. We'll get those wind gusts during some rain bands across the state and in our parish," Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff Ivy Woods said.

Woods said he isn't worried about Hurricane Isaac for the Jeff Davis area.

"The weather shouldn't be that bad. We're used to thunderstorms and straight lined winds. We're accustomed to them so that's the most we'll get," Woods said.

But there are a few changes in the area. All the parish offices and schools in Jeff Davis Parish are closed.

"The superintendent he don't like to run the buses at wind speeds over 40 miles per hour, so that's the reason we closed the school," he said.

Now the parish is just waiting for the storm to move through the state.

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