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Isaac continues to reap a lot of attention in our state as a Hurricane Watch goes into effect for parts of the Acadiana area, and Tropical Storm Warnings are up for several of our area parishes including Allen, Jeff Davis, and eastern Cameron. When can we expect those tropical storm conditions to arrive here?  Well, Ben Terry is working on all the latest information for his live, local forecast at noon. We'll have the latest on how much rain we can expect, and how gusty those winds will be. In the meantime, you can go HERE for up-to-date info on Isaac. You can also take a look at what closures and other announcements are relevant for our area HERE.

Several school districts are closing on Wednesday. You can go HERE to see if your schools are affected.

Plus, a look at how identity theft is making life difficult for children as they grow up. Did you know that identity theft for children under the age of 5 jumped more than 100% last year? You may think it's impossible for your child to "own" a car, or be in debt….think again.

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