Sand bags available in Jeff Davis

Sand bags available in Jeff Davis Parish

Even though officials in Jeff Davis hope they are looking at no more than rain, officials are on keeping watch and offering sandbags to residents who think they may need them.

Under the Welsh water tower, resident Chad Courts is filling sandbags. He's been through storms before and is taking no chances.

"I'll probably board up my south side because I have really old windows.  I've been through a bunch of hurricanes in my life, so you end up not prepared you end up without anything.  You end up getting the bad end of the deal, especially if you gotta run around trying to find everything that everybody else done got," Courts said.

Chad has a laundry room that tends to take on water and he'd rather be ready and avoid the rush if there is one.

"I don't think we're going to get a bad part of it to be honest.  I think we're going to get a lot of rain and the ground is so saturated right now, and the drainage ain't too good.  So, I'm just making sure that the water don't get back in my washroom because I have to lift up everything and dry it all out and it would mildew," said Courts.

Welsh Mayor Carolyn Louviere said town departments are doing what they need to prepare.

"I'm always leery.  They (storms) look like they're going one place, but so many times as they get close to land they bobble another way, so we're watching it very closely. We're telling our citizens to stay up to date, what's going on," said Louviere.

Isaac is the first tropical storm for Ivy Woods since becoming sheriff and OEP director. He said they were doing what they could to prepare and hoping citizens would too.

"It can sit there in the Gulf and sit and sit and wait for it to get bigger so we're being prepared," said Woods.

And so, residents are urged to do what they can to face what may come as many have done so often before.

Again Welsh residents can get sandbags and sand at the water plant. Officials say residents who live outside Welsh can pick up sandbags at the Jeff Davis parish barn.

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