Jeff Davis keeping up with fuel demand from Isaac

JENNINGS, LA (KPLC) - Jeff Davis Parish is also monitoring Isaac.

Parish officials have declared a state of emergency as a precaution.

Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff and OEP Director Ivy Woods said no closures have been announced and that they will continue to stay in touch with other agencies for the duration of this event.

Woods said the biggest problem is a gas shortage. Lines of cars could be seen at gas stations just off Interstate 10.

"There is a lot of people from the east coming through and stopping off in Jennings to top off their tanks. So gas is becoming an issue for locals and motorists," said Woods. "We are working to get the gas replenished in Jennings."

At the Tobacco Plus gas station pumps have been working overtime as evacuees from Alabama, Mississippi and New Orleans make their way down Interstate 10.

"It's been hectic and crazy all day. We're running out of water, everything it's really crazy," said Kate Elliott, Tobacco Plus cashier.

At this time there is no shortage of fuel in Jeff Davis Parish. The manager of the Tobacco Plus said their supplier has been filling them up more regularly as they try to keep up with the demand.

Samantha Page and her boyfriend are a long way from home and didn't expect to run into a tropical storm. All the way from London, the couple is on a two month holiday traveling across the U.S.

"We heard it was coming when we left the UK. It was big news over there, but we were told it was going like north of Florida. We didn't think it would come this far west," said Page.

They flew into Orlando on Saturday. So far all they have seen is the Interstate.

"We are really disappointed because New Orleans is like one of the places we really wanted to go through and it's like worse for them and everything. We're now hoping just to get down to Houston. We had hotels in Mobile and we got to Mobile today and they said oh we are evacuating tomorrow morning so we just came straight through," said Page.

William Duncan works in Jennings but lives in Baton Rouge. He's filling up and taking a little extra back with him.

"My wife called and said she went around town looking for stuff and there's nothing," said Duncan.

Duncan recalls being without electricity for a week during Hurricane Gustav and said he wants to be ready just in case.

"Just got to be prepared this time. I don't think it's going to be as bad as Gustav, Katrina, Rita or any of the other ones. But you can't be sure," said Duncan.

Meanwhile locals are also not taking any chances.

"Before I went home I wanted to have my car topped off and my wife's topped off in case it shifts overnight... we're going to head out," said Joey Shaw, Lake Arthur resident.

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