Former priest set for trial on Feb. 4, 2013

Former priest Mark Anthony Broussard appeared in State District Court on Monday morning for arraignment.

Broussard pleaded not guilty to 10 charges against him and his trial was set for Feb. 4 of next year.

He's represented by private defense Attorney Tom Lorenzi.

Broussard is charged with two counts of aggravated rape, three counts molestation of a juvenile, two counts aggravated oral sexual battery, two counts oral sexual battery and sexual battery.

At one point, he had been booked for some two hundred alleged offenses but the District Attorney's Office combined the charges.

Prosecutor Cynthia Killingsworth said the 10 charges actually encompass the whole of Broussard's many years of alleged abuse.

Since some of his charges carry life sentences, Killingsworth said it wouldn't do any good to charge him with the same things multiple times.

Broussard is currently in jail with bond set at $3.4 million.

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