Local athletes turning to speed training for early edge

No matter what sports interest you, they all involve the same principles: coordination, stamina and speed. That is why more local young athletes are getting some extra help outside of every day practices, to get ahead of the game early.

It is go time for the group of 8-14 year olds at Dynamic Dimensions in Sulphur. They are learning the basics of speed and agility, working through stations targeting the muscles needed for fast reactions.  "We do ladder drills and cone drills and a lot of other stuff," said nine-year-old Cade O'Neal.

O'Neal is working on beating out other athletes on the soccer field.  "So you can get to the person who has the ball and block it," he said.

That quickness and coordination is something Chase Gary teaches through lots of repetitive moves.  "We get them moving and it's the change of direction, synching the hips, pushing off, learning how to set their bodies up in the correct position as opposed to just doing it faster," said Gary.

Making the moves correctly gives more efficiency of motion - an improvement 10-year-old Emily Petross has seen first-hand.  "When I started, I wasn't as fast as I could be," she said, "and then Coach Chase taught me how to be faster."

Gary says it is crucial to teach these techniques at an early age, so the athletes build on the right moves as they get older.  "That allows them to learn a lot of the things that give them a chance to excel at their sports at a really early age," he said.

Speed and agility classes are two times a week in 45-minute sessions. If you are interested in checking them out at Dynamic Dimensions, they are offered at Sulphur and Moss Bluff locations Mondays through Thursdays.

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