Cowboys Feeling The Time Crunch

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - In three more days, the McNeese State football team takes flight and heads to Middle Tennessee State for their season opener on Thursday night.  It's hard to believe how quickly the month of August has flown by.  With the season fast approaching, head coach Matt Viator and his Cowboys continued to put in work Sunday over at Cowboy Stadium.

The Pokes were making final adjustments before the real season gets underway.  With the schedule, it does make it a little different than prepping for a Saturday night game.  Even with all the scheduling changes, Viator says he likes where this team stands as of now:

"We're coming along like we would like to, it's about that time to play somebody and see where we're at."  Viator went on to describe their condensed training.

"You just have to move everything up two days," Viator explained. "Friday was their day off, and then Saturday is like a Monday, Sunday is like a Tuesday and so on until Thursday but they've handled it really good. We've had two good practices on Saturday and Sunday and we're excited about it."

With the season rapidly coming up, the other players are also feeling the rushed schedule.  Champlain Babin, Sr tailback remarked:  "We're all saying we play this weekend, like we have time, we don't leave until Friday. The crazy thing is we leave in like two days, three days, it feels different, it feels funny."

Other players are eager to show what they've been training for.  Marcus Wiltz Jr tailback felt that "...everyone is excited to actually get out there and play against somebody, not our own defense."

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