Calcasieu OEP staying one step ahead of Isaac

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - While it's still uncertain where Isaac will make landfall Calcasieu Parish Emergency Preparedness officials are cautiously optimistic Southwest Louisiana will be in the clear.

"At this time it does look like we are okay from a weather standpoint," said Dick Gremillion, Calcasieu OEP Director.

With the storm's impact projected to hit somewhere east of New Orleans Gremillion is focusing resources on assisting other parishes in need.

"Our main thing we might be looking for at this point is if any evacuees from Southeast Louisiana were to show up in our area. We are not opening shelters but we do need to be prepared to react if some people who may show up here," said Gremillion.

Staying in contact with the National Weather Service OEP first responders will also rely on past experience to stay one step ahead of Isaac.

"We try to look for and think about things that we haven't encountered before. All of these things are different. No two storms are alike. This one is different. It's more slowly developing than some of the other storms," explained Gremillion.

With the peak of hurricane season still two weeks away Gremillion urges residents to pay attention and get a game plan in place.

"Be prepared to act quickly in case something changes. As it stands today as you know over the last couple of days this thing has been trending and moving to the west. We don't know where that furthest westward movement is going to be. But people should be prepared to act quickly if we need to issue that advice," said Gremillion.

Calcasieu OEP expects to hold daily updates with the National Weather Service at 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. throughout the duration of this event.

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