Olympic medalist speaks to students at Night of Champions

FCA Night of Champions

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - High school students from a five parish area gathered together tonight for the Fellowship of Christian Athlete's Night of Champions. They were in for quite a treat as double Olympic medalist Hollis Conway was the guest speaker.

Conway, a silver and bronze medalist in the high jump, is now a motivational speaker hoping to inspire this generation.

"A lot of our kids, they don't see anything past their neighborhood or their schools," said Conway. "I have the opportunity, through my Olympic success, to bring a bigger vision to their lives and they hope and they dream more, dream bigger and hopefully be a productive member of our country."

Students saw collegiate athletes who are successful in their sport and in their faith, like McNeese Cowgirl basketball player Adrienne Minor.

"It's important for people to see, young people to see especially, that you can play a sport, something that is important, something that you love, but you can do it for Christ," said Minor. "You can do it for the name of Jesus."

Athletic Director Tommy McLelland says the FCA of southwest Louisiana is a good place for high school student athletes to turn.

"The things that these kids deal with today, only 10-15 years ago I was in their shoes and I didn't deal with some of these things," said McLelland. "Fifty years ago they didn't even exist. With all the different things that are pulling on kids, having a center point, a home base, a solid rock to really keep them grounded, is very important. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes does that well."

Conway told the students that inside everyone is an Olympian, and he wanted students to leave with a vision.

"To be able to see beyond their circumstances, to be able to see beyond their ability, to see a bigger picture," said Conway. "If they see a bigger picture, hopefully they'll work to achieve the bigger picture."

Conway attempted to make the Olympics again in 1996 in Atlanta but didn't make it after tearing a tendon in his knee at a preliminary meet.

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