Volunteers clean up Contraband Bayou

Contraband Cleanup

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The Contraband Bayou runs through the city of Lake Charles out to the lake. A lot of trash gets washed into the bayou from the streets and highways that cross over the waterway. And locals lent a hand to help clean the bayou Saturday, August 25.

"It's very important. I love it here, I grew up here, it's home so try to keep it nice," Zachary Bahnsen organizer of the event Contraband Cleanup said.

Bahnsen invited the community to come to the bayou by boat, kayak or jet ski to pick up trash bags at Huddle Up Sports Bar and Grill and pick up trash along the waterway.

"Every time it rains really heavy, the tide always washes toward the lake and you can just watch the trash float," Bahnsen said. "It ended up getting on my nerves enough to where I organized an event where we can clean up, or at least try to clean up."

And that's what the volunteers did: cleaned up Contraband Bayou. Every trash bag filled brought back to Huddle  Up, the volunteer would receive a discount on food or drinks.

But to Bahnsen, this body of water is more than just a bayou--it's a local treasure.

"I'm not necessarily a super environmentalist, you know, just more or less our bayou here in Southwest Louisiana, keeping where we live beautiful," he said.

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