Dove season opens Sept. 1, LDWF hosts public hunt

DERIDDER, LA (KPLC) - The dove hunting season opens September 1 and the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries is bringing back the public hunting opportunity on leased private property.

"We're having a public hunt for doves this year. We do this every year. It's the opening day of dove season. We invite everybody from the public to come out and join us for this exciting outdoor experience," Wildlife Biologist Kori Leglue said.

Leglue said in DeRidder, there is plenty of grounds for the hunters to cover.

"We have several different fields. It's going to be over 500 acres. I think all together we have five different fields that we can set them up in," she said.

LDWF leased land for public hunting in five parishes across the state: Beauregard Parish, Grant Parish, Jefferson Davis Parish, Rapides Parish and Franklin Parish.

Leglue said all hunters must have a daily permit and appropriate hunting license with HIP certification.

On Sept. 1, hunters 16 years old and up must pay a $10 fee per hunter. Hunters under the age of 16 will be admitted free onto the property.

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Below is the official press release from the LDWF website:

Public Dove Field Leases for Hunting September 1, 2012

In addition to the dove hunting opportunities available on Wildlife Management Areas, the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has leased fields from private landowners for 1 day of hunting (September 1st).  These areas are available for opening day (September 1, 2012) only.

The following rules will apply to all leased fields:

1.  Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

2.  Shot larger than size 7 ½ is prohibited (size 7 ½ , 8, 9 are allowed)

3.  All trash - including shell hulls - must be picked-up.

4.  Only legal doves may be taken.

5.  All hunters must have a daily permit as well as appropriate hunting license with HIP certification; note, hunters under 16 years of age do not need HIP certification.  The daily permit is available at the field and will be issued on a first-come first-served basis.  HIP certifications are available from hunting license vendors.  If hunters have formed a line prior to the time permits are issued, permits will then be issued to those in line in order of arrival.

6.  There is a $10.00 fee per hunter, 16 years of age and older. Cash or check. Hunters under 16 will be admitted free, but they must check-in and have a permit.

7.  When a predetermined number of hunters are admitted, the field will be closed.  Additional hunters may be admitted when someone leaves the field and surrenders his/her permit.  Use of vehicles, including ATV's, may be restricted and will vary from field to field.  Check with Department personnel about restrictions when you check-in.

8.  These leased fields are open to the public September 1st only.  Entrance at any other time is trespassing.

These leased fields have been made available through the cooperation of the landowners.  Future access to these fields and other private property is dependent on the conduct of the hunters using these fields.

Please abide by the above regulations and hunt ethically and safely.

Dove Fields Leased for Public Hunting on September 1, 2012:

1.) Beauregard Parish, DeRidder-500 acres harvested corn and milo.  Directions:  Take Hwy190 West from DeRidder.  The field is approximately 5 miles West of DeRidder on the North side of Hwy 190 just past Hwy 3226.  Check in will be at the rice dryers. Contact Kori Legleu at 337-491-2575 x-3021 for more information.  Maps will be available at the Lake Charles Office.

2.) Grant Parish -  180 acres harvested milo.  Directions: 5 miles north of Boyce on La. Hwy 8. No ATV's.

3.) Jefferson Davis Parish, Welsh-290 acre harvested rice field.  Directions:  Take I-10 to Exit 59 (Roanoke).  Head North on Hwy 395, then turn West (left) on Blanchard Rd.  Follow Blanchard Rd to Compton Rd.  Field located on Southwest corner of Blanchard and Compton roads.  Contact Kori Legleu at 337-491-2575 x-3021 for more information.  Maps will be available at the Lake Charles Office.

4. Rapides Parish, – 90 acres harvested milo.  Directions: 2 miles east of Lecompte on Hwy 457. No ATV's.

5. Franklin Parish, - 110 acres harvested milo.  East of Gilbert at the intersection of Hwy 4 and Hwy 572. No ATV's.