Thursday Jamborees Show Off Indians and Warriors

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Thursday night's high school football jamboree began with an assistant coach facing his former team.  Previous Washington Marion assistant coach Reggie Nelson, now Hamilton Christian Warriors head coach, played against the Charging Indians led by head coach Freddie Harrison.

In the first half the Warriors showed off their players with an aerial by Warriors 2b Erik Parker who connected with WR Jami Collins for the completion.

Then it was Washington Marion's turn to respond.  Marius Redoux made a handoff to freshman Rawlin Guillory who used his running shoes for a good gain.  If this is any sign of things to come, Guillory has a bright future as a Charging Indian.

Despite fantastic playing by both sides, they were unable to put a score up on the board as the scrimmage ended 0-0.  Still both head coaches found positives to take away from tonight's jamboree.

Nelson, Washington Marion's coach, was "..just happy about the outcome, everybody coming out healthy, we're injury free, going into week one trying to make things happen."

While Hamilton's Nelson praised his team's performance as well:  "[I'm] proud of the way they played, you know, the defense played real hard, the offense made some plays, we could have made a few more, I'm just real proud of the way the kids played. We got a long way to go, we have to revaluate ourselves and check ourselves as individuals."

Another two jamborees held the same night had Merryville playing at DeQuincy, and Iowa defeating St. Louis 20-10.

With Thursday night's jamboree's over, Friday night is looking like another big night for jamborees with four taking place over the evening.

KPLC will be at Cowboy Stadium with Sulphur and Westlake kicking off at 6:30 pm.  Afterwards, Barbe and Sam Houston's scrimmage begins at 8 p.m.

Other jamborees on Friday have Jennings playing St.. Martinsvile at Cajun field in Lafayette.

The Jeff Davis Parish Jamboree has Elton and Lake Arthur starting at 6 p.m.  In addition, Welsh will also playing both of those teams.

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