August 15, 2012 - Junior Auxiliary - American Legion Post 1

Eight local girls from the Lake Area are now the proud recipients of several awards, after giving their time to help out veterans in the community.  Members of the Junior Auxiliary of Unit One American Legion in Lake Charles were recently presented the awards by Mayor Randy Roach.

"We have several children that go once a month to the Veterans home in Jennings," said sponsor Mary Ann Rothermel.  "They help all the veterans.  They play bingo with them.  They serve them.  They make sure that they are just gonna have a great day."

Seeing the girls in action is inspiring to Rothermel.

"If you would go to Jennings and you would see the faces of these veterans, you would know that our youth make an impact on how they feel.  They are happy, they feel wanted.  They feel wanted, necessary, needed."

The girls also took part in the Post's annual Poppy sale and other activities.  The goal is to teach the girls patriotism and responsibility.

"It certainly builds up a sense of pride.  It gives them time in the community.  It gives them leadership.  It certainly builds esteem.  It's just an overall wonderful program."

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