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Surgeon rides child's bike to get through traffic nightmare for surgery


Baton Rouge surgeon, Catherine Baucom, MD of Elliot Mastology Center, was on her way to surgery at BRASS Surgery Center Wednesday morning when she found herself caught in the traffic caused by the accident that shutdown Interstate 10 early Wednesday morning. 

According to officials at BRASS Surgery Center, Dr. Baucom tried to navigate the gridlock to no avail, so she decided to take matters into her own hands.

Dr. Baucom remembered a friend that lived a few blocks from her position in the mayhem and made her way to his house.  She knocked on the door and asked to borrow a bicycle to make her way through the traffic.  Her friend gladly loaned her his seven year old daughter's bike and helmet and the nearly six foot tall surgeon resumed her journey to the surgery center.

When she reached I10, she was stopped by police. After explaining the circumstances and where she was headed, she was escorted through to meet her patient.

Her patient and the staff of BRASS are grateful and amazed, but not surprised, by her dedication to patient care and service excellence.

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