Notice of impending layoffs sent to Moss Regional employees

Moss Regional notice of impending layoffs

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Moss Regional Hospital has confirmed to KPLC-TV that the hospital, part of the LSU Health Care System, sent a notice of impending layoffs to its employees on Wednesday, August 22.

Layoffs are a result of recent state budget cuts.

The layoffs won't be effective until Sept. 30, but it still questions the future of Moss Regional since the hospital is already operating on a limited budget.

In a July interview, House Speaker Chuck Kleckley said a close eye will be kept on Moss Regional because it's important to this area.

"It is very important that we continuously monitor these cuts that are coming down from DHH and for LSU. But I think the most important thing and the most critical thing for us here in Southwest Louisiana is that we match what's happening at Moss Regional," Kleckley said.

No word yet on how many workers will be affected. According to Moss Regional, more of an idea of what will happen will be known early on in September.

But earlier this year there were talks of layoffs at the hospital.  In January, Senator Ronnie Johns said he feels the layoffs will be minimal by only affecting jobs that have been vacant for some time.

"So it will not be massive layoffs and costs," Johns said. "But the most important things are the services people of Southwest Louisiana needs are going to be there for them."

Again, layoffs will reportedly be effective at the end of the day on Sept. 30.

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