CPSB discusses superintendent's contract

CPSB talk about Superintendent's contract

CALCASIEU PARISH, LA (KPLC) - The Calcasieu Parish School Board extended the superintendent's contract for two years, but there are plenty of things that still need to be done.

The contract still needs to be sent to the state department for approval.

The topic was meant to be discussed in an executive session at the CPSB meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 21, but instead it was discussed openly in the meeting room.

Superintendent Wayne Savoy's contract expires in December. But it's a complicated topic because the board is still waiting to hear from BESE for input.

"BESE and the state department were supposed to send a template of performance objectives but they haven't done that yet. Our attorney has kept in touch with them constantly and we haven't heard anything and that's what we're waiting for," CPSB President R.L. Webb said.

Webb said once that template is sent back to the school board, the board can then review the contract to make necessary corrections.

"We have things we want to put into the contract that deals with performance objectives, but they may not meet state requirements so we need some guidance from the state as to how they want these objectives stated in the contract," Webb said.

One of the main objectives is how the Superintendent is going to deal with the low performing schools in Calcasieu Parish, what the board members in those districts expect of him and what will happen if he does not meet those performance objective targets.

And with a contract that expires in December, the new contract needs to be in by at lease October, according to Webb.

"That gives them time to accept or reject the contract to get it back to us. If not, it's theoretically possible to have the Superintendent without a contract," he said.

So now the appointed subcommittee will just meet to bring the contract discussion back to the board and wait for the state department and BESE to deliver.

In September, Superintendent Savoy will meet with the principals of the "D" and failing schools in the Parish to discuss what more can be done to help improve these schools.

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