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Lake Charles Police are investigating an apparent homicide in the 2100 block of Legion Street. KPLC's Theresa Schmidt is covering this story for us and will have our update at noon.

When you've been married for 55 years, you share a lot together. Now, one couple shares even more – a similar diagnosis for the same type of cancer. We'll show you how they aren't letting the disease bring them down.

Plus, it started with ice cream, and ended in the first couple's first kiss. Now on that curb in Illinois, a plaque marks the spot.  A bit of history there, and you can also read more about something that has never happened in 80 years – Augusta National Golf Club adds first female members. Find out who they are HERE.

In weather, Ben says we're having a much quieter start to the week as temperatures are running a few degrees cooler.  In fact, he says most areas along and north of I-10 will see lows in the upper 60's the next couple of nights. Can we expect more rain? And what about the tropics? He's working on those numbers right now, so look for his complete, local, live forecast at noon.

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