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13-year-old motocross rider beats adversity after bad accident


As he speeds along and jumps through his practice track in Carlyss, you would never be able to tell the adversity 13-year-old Christon Nelson has been through.

"I hopped on the bike, no chest protector or anything, just a helmet and next thing I know I'm gone and I look back and it was too late" said Christon.  "I just hit the rope and it slingshot me back".

That was four years ago in 2008, when he was 8.  One of the scariest days for his dad, Chris.

"We were a block away from St. Luke's Hospital" said Chris.  "The rescue team was there in five minutes... it felt like five hours but it was fast".

Doctors gave Christon less than a five percent chance of survival in the accident that left him without major internal organs.

"What happened there was that he lost his spleen, gall bladder, two thirds of his pancreas is gone... it actually tore the large intestines out of his stomach" said his dad Chris.  "At that time, we really weren't worried about him riding again... we just needed him to make it through the night and keep fighting".

Fight, is what he did.  Through weeks of difficult intensive care, therapy and rehabilitation.

"The accident happened April 12, 2008, believe it or not, July 4th he was back on a bike on a track wanting to ride".

Back just months after his life threatening accident, he was determined to succeed now, more than ever.

"Some kids, once they get in a bad accident, they don't want to do it again" said Christon.

According to his dad, "After the accident, it was always a goal of his to go to nationals and compete".

Following a trend we heard about this Olympics season, Christon left home to live with a trainer based in Beaumont.

"He actually went and lived with Kyle for a month before he went to nationals" said Chris.  "I attribute that training to his win".

After entering five races, Christon came back with first and second place national titles in two.

"It's been my whole entire life of riding and it's going to be like that until the day I die" said Christon.

So as he rides with nine  fingers instead of 10, he thinks of it as his battle scar reminding him of the past and inspiring him for the future.

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