Ron Paul camp trying to get Louisiana delegates thrown out

Ron Paul's presidential campaign isn't done fighting for more delegates at the Republican National Convention. Yesterday the Texas congressman's campaign sent a memo to the RNC, ahead of its second appeal to strip Louisiana of its delegates because of rules that it says were violated during the state convention.  

The first appeal was rejected by the committee earlier this month.

Here's what the Paul campaign is calling into question... In the days before the Republican Party of Louisiana's state convention in June, an affidavit and supplemental rules were distributed to participants. The affidavit required the signature of delegates selected to go to the national convention to vote for the candidate they were bound to by the State Central Committee.  
Paul's supporters refused to sign the affidavit because it gave the power to the central committee to strip delegates of their vote.  

Instead, they had their own vote at the state convention in protest of the party's rules.  
Paul's campaign says the rules changed the way that Louisiana elected National Delegates.
The campaign added that the documents are violations of the national requirement that all rules must have been submitted to the R-N-C by last October.

Officials from the Louisiana Republican party say the campaign was aware the affidavit and rules were coming and that draft versions were sent in the days leading up to the state convention.