Schooner Landing to accommodate charter vessels

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The Lake Charles lakefront can now accommodate commercial vessels. The newly installed Schooner Landing just north of the Marina is set up for charter operations like the Lady of the Lake you may have seen making runs.

Accommodations include water and electricity. The Lake Charles City Council set a daily rate of $110 or $500 for the entire week.

"These rates are higher than what is at the marina. Keep in mind that this is activity where you have a charter boat - that hooks up to electricity and water from the City of Lake Charles that we have provided at this location and the existing boat that is out there right now is running three 5 ton air conditioning units. So you have to charge a rate that at least covers your cost and we think these rates are reasonable," explained John Cardone, Lake Charles City Administrator.

Anyone interested in rates for the Marina or Schooner Landing can call the Lake Charles Harbor Master at 491-1256.

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