The Saga of the Honey Badger, Day 6

mathieu day 6 10pm

Well, here we are on day 6 of the Honey Badger watch, and things get more bizarre every day. This morning, Jim Kleinpeter of the New Orleans Times-Picayune reported that LSU Coach Les Miles had met with Tyrann Mathieu and told him to move on with his football career.

Shortly after that story appeared, LSU released two tweets, denying not only that Miles had told Mathieu to move on, but that the conversation even took place at all!

Now as for Mathieu himself, we have neither seen nor heard anything from him since his visit to McNeese State last Friday night. One by one, reports about Mathieu's next move have been proven wrong or simply never came to pass. Mathieu has not visited any school other than McNeese State, but he has not given any indication what he plans to do next.

Here in Lake Charles, all is quiet. Too quiet. Head football coach Matt Viator tells us no one from McNeese has spoken to Tyrann Mathieu since last Friday night, but Sam Gannon and I headed down to practice anyway, just to see if a certain #7 might show up.

And there he is, ladies and gentlemen!

Except that's not Tyrann Mathieu. That's actually Cowboys wide receiver Darius Carey.

No sign of the Honey Badger at McNeese practice today, so for Coach V and the rest of the Cowboys, it's business as usual.

"It hasn't been a distraction at all," Viator said. "I mean, we're practicing, we have a schedule to play, these kids are just practicing every day. It hasn't been a distraction at all."

So let us stick to what we know. As of 6:27 p.m. on Wednesday, August 15th, anno domini 2012, Gregorian Calendar:

Tyrann Mathieu was not at McNeese State football practice today.

He is not registered as a student at McNeese State.

Tomorrow is the deadline for late registration at McNeese, although the school's PR department tells us that is not an absolute deadline.

McNeese State and Nicholls State are the only schools we know for sure can speak to Mathieu about transferring, even though, according to the Associated Press, 20 schools have asked LSU for permission.

Stay tuned for the next installment of As The Honey Badger Turns.