Requests for new trial, acquittal denied in Davis murder case

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The motions filed in 14th Judicial District Court regarding the requests for post verdict judgment of acquittal and for a new trial in the Brian Davis murder case have been denied.

Attorneys for Robyn Davis and Carol Sissy Saltzman were in 14th Judicial District Court Wednesday, arguing those motions.

Defense attorney Glen Vamvoras, who represents Robyn Davis, maintained that prosecutor Rick Bryant did not adequately reveal his theory of the case in opening statements, thereby preventing the defense from being able to prepare. That is, Vamvoras says Bryant was required to show his hand as to the state's evidence but did not.

Bryant disputed those claims, however.

Robyn Davis and Carol Sissy Saltzman have been behind bars since their conviction May 10 for second-degree murder of Robyn's husband, Brian Davis.

The women were brought from jail for Wednesday's hearing. Both were wearing orange jail clothes.

As it stands, the women are scheduled to be sentenced to life in prison on Aug. 24.

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