Honey Badger Still In Hibernation

Earlier today, there was a tweet from a twitterer that tweeted that Les Miles had backed off his comments that Tyrann Mathieu is permanently ineligible to play at LSU.

Okay, A: Miles never used the word "permanent" on Friday.

B: Here's what Miles actually said today.

And C: A.

"I am not in any way speculating," Miles said. "He will not be on this football team this year, I guarantee it. That's a fact. So I have no idea beyond that."

Of course, no one ever really thought Mathieu was going to play this year. The question swirling around what I like to call "the twitterverse" is whether there is any chance Mathieu could sit out the 2012 season, and then come back to LSU next season. Coach Miles, your thoughts?

"I am certainly rooting for Ty in whatever his future is," Miles said. "But I'm not focused on that, I've got games to play, 104 guys I have to be ready for. I recommend him, he's a wonderful young man, I think he's a team player, I think he's improved in his maturity, and that's how I would kind of speak about him, that he deserves every opportunity."

Okay, so that doesn't really help, so we turn to the internet, because as we all know, if it is on the internet, it must be true. I read that on the internet.

Yeah, nobody really knows anything.

Last night, the New Orleans Times Picayune said that Wednesday is the big day, and Mathieu will announce where he will transfer tomorrow.

This morning, ESPN reported that there will be no announcement tomorrow.

So far, no one has brought up the possibility of an announcement that there will be no announcement, but be patient.

We do know that Mathieu visited McNeese State on Friday night, and we know that McNeese State has had zero comment about that since Saturday.

So Tyrann, if you're watching...

Call me?